Quest for Middle-Earth

This is the site I have created for 'Quest for Middle-Earth', a  modification for EA's game 'The Battle for Middle-earth'

I am in the making of my own mod called 'Quest for Middle-Earth'.
I plan to add many heroes, some units, some small changes to the buildcost/buildtime in the game, and add two new factions.
Currently I, King of Universe, Lauri, Dark Lord of the Sith, Micks and N19HtmAr3 is working on this add-on. Tomat is making some models/skins.  If anyone would like to help, please, don't hesitate to contact me.

The new factions will be Elves and Goblins.

I use Vapula's Hero mod as a base, and mod from there.

Also, to avoid confusion, this will not be an accurate mod, it will be a "for fun" mod. That's why there will be both 2nd age units/heroes and 3rd age units/heroes.

This site looks best if you have The Ringbearer font installed.

News 5/4

The BETA is released. Go here for further detalils...

News 30/3

Very long time since last update... Sorry about that... Well, better late than than never
Okay, There has been made progress, but not much.
But... It seems that QFME won't be finished, so we've decided to just wrap up what we have, make it useable on 1,03 patch, and release it. Maybe there will be some tiny updates here and there, but not much, I'm afraid.

So, thanks for the support, and I truly hope that it will be finished sometime...

News 12/12

N19HtmAr3 have finished the Elven farm. Screenshot available in the screenshot section, under Elves.
Lauri have finished Royal Guard. Screenshot available in the screenshot section, under Rohan.

Also, Dark Lord of the Sith have made a mini-mod, that adds Sauron with abilities to Mordor. Download here

News 24/11

The in-depth site will take much longer than expected... I've got alot of homework to do, so it will take some time...

But some good news.
We have a new teammember; N19HtmAr3. He will do some models/skins.
A new model is coded and in-game. This time it's a building. Khazad-Dûm, a Goblin leadership building. Model by firmus, and skin by N19HtmAr3. It needs anims though... See screenshot section for a pic.
N19HtmAr3 is almost done with the Elven Farm. It will be the Gondor/Rohan farm with an Elven Peasant working on it, and a new skin. It should be done within the next couple of days

News 10/11

Now I've gotten two new models, both has been contributed by Lavskagge (and both are really good ), you can check them out in the screenshots section.

I also updated the Legolas "mod"; added a readme and removed the string file

I'm currently working on in-depth sites for all, yes ALL, units, heroes and buildings. This should be done sometime
Those sites will have links to them in the list of stuff this mod adds, in the Techtree section. I've done two, Gil-Galad and Elrond.

News 28/10

Moved to 3rdAge, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey *party**party*, this is really good

Now, to celebrate that I've moved, I will put up for download a VERY small mod, that makes Legolas toggle weapons. Download it here.

Other is that we have gotten a 2-D artist in the team, Micks. He has made the banner seen in the About section, and will do textures and other 2-D Art for the mod.

Also, Mouth of Sauron model/skin is done, you can check it out in the Screenshots section.
And the Halbarad model is done.

News 16/10

Well, not much has happened lately... But I'll write up what that has happened.

I've redone the page (incase you didn't notice)

Instead of Tomat, Lauri is making Mouth of Sauron.

I've gotten Gothmog from TKelly, so now it has some special powers... Currently he mounts, has a leadership, bloodthirsty and Glorious Charge.

Also working on making Knife Fighter a toggle for Legolas.

Have also made an leadership power for Mouth of Sauron.

News 1/10

The Mouth of Sauron model is done, Tomat is skinning it now, just the face left.

The coding for Elves and Goblins is ready, Dark Lord of The Sith is making the Bases.  

Lauri is making mounted Aragorn.

Gothmog is in-game, all he misses is his specialpowers.

Azog is in-game, all he misses is his specialpowers.

Also Dark Lord of the Sith has joined the modding team 

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