Men of the West

Halbarad; The Dunedain of the North. His special ability will be the Banner of Elendil, which will give extreme bonuses to allies, and cause fear with the enemy. He'll be more of a "lover-not-a-fighter" kind of hero

Rank 1: Mount

Rank 2: Wounding Arrow. Like Faramir's

Rank 4: Summon Dunedain. Summons 3 battalions of Dunedain

Rank 7: Haste of the North. Gives a speed bonus to nearby mounted troops. Only usable when mounted

Rank 10: Banner of Elendil. Pulls up the Banner of Elendil which gives an enourmos strength and defence bonus, as well as making the enemy flee

Aragorn; I'll give him a mount instead of his leadership


Celeborn; Make him useable in the Skirmish/War of the Ring modes. Change his powers

Rank 1: Mount

Rank 3: King of the Woods. Gives an armor boost to nearby elves

Rank 5: Power of Love. Makes him stronger when Galadriel is near

Rank 10: Elven Gift. Grants nearby allied heros invulnerability for a short period of time.

Rank 10: King of Lorien. Summons 3 battalions of Lothlorien Warriors fully upgraded


Beorn; He'll be able to transform into a bear.

Rank 1: Transform. Switch between a man and a bear

Rank 3: Rage of the Mountain. Like Aragorn's Elendil. Only avaiable in Bear Mode

Rank 10: Summon Beornings. Summons many small bears to his aid

He needs more...

Bard the Bowman; King of Dale. The man who killed Smaug the Golden. He'll have bonuses on killing dragons, and use the bow

Rank 3: Wounding Arrow. Like Faramir's but stronger

Rank 6: Slayer of Dragons. Leadership, gives him and nearby troops a damage bonus agianst Fire Drakes

Rank 10: Black Arrow. A one-shot-kill weapon on fire drakes, and take away about half of Drogoth' health when he's at Rank 5. Only useable on Dragons


Gothmog; The orc liutentant. Commanded the forces in the battle on Minas Tirith

Rank 1: Mount. Mounts a warg.

Rank 2: Lieutenant of Minas Morgul. Leadership. Gives attack bonus to nearby troops Rank 3: Bloodthirsty

Rank 5: Form Ranks. Leadership. Gives armor bonus to nearby troops

Rank 10: Siege Commander. Summons some orcs and catapults

Mahud; A man on a Mumakil. Leadership bonuses

I'll also make the ringwraiths mountable on both nazgul and horse on the same hero


Ugluk; The Isengard liutentant which lead Merry and Pippin towards Isengard. It'll be Vapula's Ugluk from BFME I.

Rank 1: Uruk-hai Captain. Speed bonus to nearby uruks

Rank 3: Carnage. Same as Lurtz's

Rank 5: Supper. Heals nearby uruks

Rank 10: Summon Uruks. Summons some uruks

Saruman; I'll give him a red Word of Power